Family Affairs

What goes on in this house…
Stays in this house
Never airing out the who’s, what, whens, or having anything arouse
The secrets families hold on to
Can have such devastating effects always watching what they do
Monitoring conversations with friends and neighbors
Making sure minimum is known and lessens the favors
Risking being black mailed
Keeping the hush, real hush, ensuring the tale tale
From birth you are taught that this is ‘our business’
No one needs to know any of this
The child learning how to be secretive
Grows into adult vindictive
Bottle it up send away it a sea
Never write it down, no paper trail, no evidence to read
On the search for that one to confide with
Finally relieving the secrets until they decide to spill
The family affairs with such elaborate details
Becomes public knowledge with opinions, resolutions and bails
Scrutiny is the fear from the beginning
That is why what goes on in this house…
Stays in this house from being such a whinny tinny



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