You are not my replica but to some point identical

Emotional extremes reached, soared to any pinnacle

A thought or three we have shared

Sentences finished with no conscience to bare

Laughed at jokes left unsaid

Cried for hours over untruths read

Sung songs in our very own tempo

All off key, we didn’t care for the world was in a silent limbo

Compared to us, we were the perfect evening sky

No one dared to separate us, only to join us and get a taste of our natural high

Friends, friends, friends….we were way more

Friends, friends, friends….that one argument we ever had was the lure

The lure that would be the mutiny the realest that united

Blasphemy was this corruptive allure disruptive our amalgamated

There is a truth to forgiveness

Only souls that depends on other souls can begin to understand it

Goes without saying any words, the tearful eye, the shivered lip

Ease all pains, just to laugh again

Nothing in this world is without sin

Lord, I Thank you for sending me My Angel

Not blood relation but neither was Joseph till he saw Jesus in the manger

I love you now; love you then, and when we meet our maker

Pray he brings us together to share love, laughter and goodness again,




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