These words are intend for your comprehension

I am searching deep from the beginning

I am looking forward to this being our private show

Introductions have been been made, so what are we waiting for

Once my mind has made that mental connection

And your conversation has provided much ear & mind simulation

There should be no speculation, that physical convention is necessary

I like to touch and be touch softly, quietly, and passionately

Every now and then glancing maybe even to gaze

Beautiful you say is my smile - wanting you to dive right in

Wanting your mind enigma while your body entangled with mine

Your mind is about to be so overwhelmed

Hoping you ready to experience the huni at her greatness

Being like a leaky faucet, giving you enough to continue to make you thirsty

But more than enough to leave you a satisfied feen

With what I have to offer may actually be a surprise

Hope you ready to explore pleasure beyond means

Moreover, you have kept to yourself what I can bestow

In our own private show

* Dedicated to my Husband*

originally wrote on 08.09.10


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