Friend Lost

Friend lost
Been friends for years
You was my ace, at least when you was near
Things never changed
Stuff I knew, you knew I kept safe
Secrets never told, even to this day
The tales we can tell
Only you and I know all the details
We buried the coffin surrounded by nails
We put blood on it, that’s that seal on it
Out-smart us, we were full of wit
No man, no other friends or foes could separate our bond
That was till you decided to be a friend lost
I never knew what made you turn
I got to the point where I stop caring, moved on
Never found a friendship quite like ours
But maybe that is a friendship I can do without
Trust and loyal was us
No forsaking not even Jesus
Young, immature to being older mature
Being older came with wanting so much more
Still knew how to let the old ways slide back in
Just to dib and dab in for a little F-u-n
Careers, money, families we had importance
But to lose my friendship, no tolerance
Things were to simple themselves out
You dropped-cold turkey, no phasing out
Quarter up in the air, the start over toss
Guess you decided, not this round
Friend loss

Joya 11.05.10



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