The Skin I am In

A happy spirit doesn’t always mean
Happy to be in the skin I am in
Judged quickly by strangers and outsiders
Insiders tend to be bias right along with them
Telling you what they assume to be the problem
And trying to encourage you with their negativity
When you tell them they have it wrong, they look at you like blasphemy
A struggle is a struggle no matter the struggle
And being in the skin you are uncomfortably in
Is the struggle
For some it is the weight, for others the hair texture
Some don’t like their height, while others dislike their body structure
There are even a few that are depicted by convinced preferences
My answer to all answers…We are different
Change the things you can change
If you feel the change will make you feel better

Do not change anything about yourself cause of another’s opinion
Trust when I say it is something about themselves they have a problem with
Trying to hide it so they focus on the skin you are in
For the things you cannot change, embrace them
Learn to love the skin you are in

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