onCE a cheatER

I know the pain you feel is real,  you do not have to hurt. Being a woman is precious and you deserve to be treated as such.

Familiar with the popular phrase
Once a cheater, He will never change
Why you continue to give your all to that man
Allow him to take what is precious from you
Not even courteous enough to give your heart back to you
Baby Baby I promise I'll be true
You accept him back knowing he lying to you
In your face he smiles
While going behind your back
Truth be told, honesty he lacks
No one can tell you it will be easy
No one can tell you its over in a hurry
No one can tell you won't feel pain
No one can tell you that your heart won't ache
Don't go back to him
Choose yourself
Don't give him more to destroy
Heal the hurt you felt
Once a cheater
The trust is gone
Once the trust goes
The love follows
It will be easier tomorrow
You will see
If you choose yourself over he


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