Will it or Wont it

Sorry love is not enough
Happiness is what is sought
Anger comes in the mist of
Never a resolution
Only an after thought
Now to only live in the presence
Cant stay in the past for too long
Another given chance
Respect the gift of time
Token to man
Every emotion initiates the same
Restore faith in what has been lost
Maybe it will pay you back then again
Maybe it won't.


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Anonymous said…
What are your motivations for your topics because you help me so much?
Thank you for your question. My inspirations or "motivations" come from various places. Never the same place, situation, person, idea, or thought. When it comes to mind, I give it as I would want it delivered to me. Plain, simple and to the point. Thank you again for your support.
Look forward to more in the future. :-)

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