You know you have messed up now
All caught up in the dramatics
Flaunting around
Felling fantastic
Swag on swoll, strut real smooth
Talking bout #winning, No you loose!
Grin on your face
Like you Queen of the place
Laughing when ain't a darn thing funny
Chuckle away...but just give it a moment
Tripping over your own feet
A smile ain't a smile no more, eyes froze...cant blink
Can you believe this ish?
Who you asking
The question is
Why cant you believe it?
Your web of deception
Finally caught up to you,
You donnnneee!!!
Still trying to talk to your out of it
All you saying is blah that, blah this
Ain't NoBODY listening
They too busy pointing and laughing
Get mad
Who cares?
You can dwell in your mess by yourself
Only word left to say

01.14.2014© Email: Google+on


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