Why SoulfulEyez.com Adds Value

Life stories that are not just how the writer has written them but be that as the interpreter. 
Dialect or monologue revealed to the writer giving the world new perceptions. 
 Events have naturally happened, fantasized about happening or the possibility and the what ifs.  
Spoken word written to express those searching for an outlet.  
Looking for answers.
Craving to not want to be alone in theory and reality.
Just for the nosey,
The bored,
The visualist,
The artist that doesn't know how to express,
The lyricist needing inspiration,
The Me's of the big world 
Cause when you look around, the world is really small
SoulfulEyez.com adds value to interpretation
Spunk, fun, a twist, some drama and dab of so much more. 


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