Liquid Thoughts

Caffeine filled mornings
On the go, liquid thoughts and Donuts
Smile wrapped to go
Traffic remaining irreverent
Radio putting me in the know
Giving me my dose of comedy and news
And the jokes are so on point
Laughing non-stop all the way to work
Darn Steve Harvey and Russ Parr
Laughing out loud, sipping on my liquid thoughts
Singing along on beat with the music
Easing through lights, ignoring the traffic
On time, no fuss!!!!!
Logging in computer, sipping on liquid thoughts
Phone rings soon as I step in
Answering politely, expressing the great mood I'm I'm
Picking up the cup, cup to my lips
Steaming aromas indulging in
Breathing, exhaling deep
Let's start this day, I'm ready!!
Tasting my liquid thoughts
Calmed my nerves on deck is patience
Last sip empty
Enjoying how I spent the last five minutes



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