Change of Character

Face up, we straight
Your Lost, your mess you make
Backed turned, you act up
Back door walking in, pushing deceit to the front
Guessing you think I don't know the crowd you keep
Your flock of herd wolf from deceit
Hoping they camera ready
Not gonna act a fool, I don't need to think like no man, I'm a Lady
Gave you plenty, but you wanted to be greedy
Options to get all you wanted from somewhere else
Mind has been made, store closed, bare shelves
Look to your future cause the past is gone
Bygones overrated, wrong is wrong
Why surprised??? Close your mouth Boo
Did you really consider the what, where, how and who
Evidently nonchalantly decisions were have been made
Oh me walk away, this Ace of Spade
Wind blew the wrong way too many times
Knock the dust off, you'll see that ass was fine
Chances deleted, number erased
With time, lost of memory, forget ya face
Singing " This time, I can do much better"
Truth is the beast that always matter
Already know,
Why I had to move on



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