Reality TV

Innovative imaging
Crazy thing when man created TV
Channel after channel of entertainment
Great movies to same old boring thing
Flipping to see the next big fight or even great debate
Who's dating who and loving all of it
The drama, lifetime movies, Orders of Law
Boom, Boom, whats your Criminal Intent
Basketball Wives, Housewives, basically "The Rich" act foolish
And getting paid from the Me's watching them
What rapper has beef? "beef is what you eat for dinner" or so we use to think
Bad Girls to jersey shores, La La, Wendy Williams to Tyra Banks
106 and Park still changing face
Entertainment to me is what it boils to
Don't get that involved than turning the channel
Read a blog, media takeout is such the comedy
Looking for the next best series or next funny
Love my reality shows cause it makes for great TV



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