Chapter CLOSED!

Unable to express myself
I turn to mute
Out of respect for myself
I turn to mute
Unable to tell you how I felt
Rejecting the denial, I refuse
Allowing the passive aggressive to wind-down
Needing a shoulder to lean on,
I use to turn to you
Smile on my face but hurt in my voice
Questioning my understanding
Answered yet still annoyed
Where's the blurt out...waiting
Sitting in this chair staring at the ceiling
Awkward feelings but won't admit it
Ready to go before I even come
Ready to walk away better yet run
Cant face this demon
Not today
Wanting to be positive
Wrong mindframe
The air around you as if nothing is wrong
I deserve more than apology
Will you give me what I need to move on
Not even believing in that possibility
The ones that know the full story
Giving advise to just move on
I pray for your happy living
Allowing the final leaves to be removed from my stump
Giving my tree room to grow
Known and forgotten
Truth is this been on my mind way too long,
Vapors of its stench...just rotten
Time to get the bad away from me
Some ships come and go
Sail the waters, high and low
Our friendship has sailed its course
Now maybe I can move on
Chapter CLOSED!
CLOSED Chapter!



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