Bill Collector

Karma, How have you been doing?

I am good, may I ask who is this calling?
This is Bill calling from said company
Calling to find out how you going to pay back the money
We accept Visa, MasterCard, and electronic Check
This is my job your nerves to wreck
I know I called you twenty minutes ago
But I think you accidently hung up the phone
Uat Aut Uat~ We will shatter your credit score
Make you look horrible over the balance owed for
Even when you pay this off, why would we put this in good terms
We get paid more to watch you squirm
Talk to you like you are no one to us
What exactly were you planning to do with your tax refund
Give it to us, give it to us
Yes we got bailed out AND>>>>
Took your 401K, we don’t care about your now retirement plan
COLA increases flew away with the birds
We making Billions, costing your jobs so that why we merged
Your racks on racks is nothing more than chump change
Matter fact, we take all of that and keep the change
Like I said once before
We take Visa, MasterCard, and electronic check, give us more
Payment plans, HA, jokes on you
We’ll repossess your guitar so aint no singing the blues
We’ll charge you interest on the interest you can’t pay currently
Don’t matter that you have other responsibilities
How would you like to take care of this
Hello, hello, Hello. Did this phone just go click


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