Back in the days

Back in the days
When we was young
But We not kids anymore
This use to be my of my favorite songs
Never knew those words would prove true
Some days I sit and wish I was a kid again
Laughing out loud reminiscing
We use to have fun on top of fun
Making up games as the day went along
Drinking kook aide extra sweet
Mixing and freezing flavors, staying cool from the heat
Home made waterslides and water gun fights
Enjoying the radio on blast all night
Saturday chores far from a bore
House parties, classics, wanting more
Back in the days
Hiding seek was that favorite game
Riding bikes, apart of a true bike gang
Begged for bikes that had a water bottle holder
That was what cool, but then we got older
From bikes to Cars, time went hecka fast
Who knew that would speed life vast
Back in the days
When we was young
But we not kids anymore
Then knew all the words to this song
Remembering good times, not to focus on the past
Sit and ponder why was fun a different type of fun



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