Sometimes words are hard to say
they don't correctly formulate
Sometimes thoughts don't come out as actions like in my mind
getting ahead of my heart allowing my brain to take lead this time
Just like wanting to hear the words I miss you sometimes
wanting to feel a warm embrace
Pounding heartbeat against my face
a hand that gently strokes my back
Smiling while holding the tears back
just wishing that
Just wishing that.

Knowing that I am difficult
never say anything about me was easy
Being a masterpiece of work
feel honored that you have to deal with me
Crack a smile cause you know that was funny
not being an open book, no answers provided
Day by day I change but remain the same
weird as it may be, thats just me
That's just me.

Wishing upon a star
never worked for me at all
Wishing on the penny thrown in the well
Wishing in a prayer
not sure if that is proper protocol
Wishing that my wish is heard at least once
is that luck or hope or all?
Wishing a genie would appear
this is no Aladdin, get the heck out of here!
Laughing at the wishes I've made
maybe if i spent more time planning
Wishing would have never needed to be made
wishing I still was heard
Despite knowing wishing is just wishing
I continue wishing.
I continue wishing.

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