When you are in love

Your heart feels light

Your smile is bright

Your complexion is clear

The air around you feels as if nothing is there

Love is the greatest feeling known to man

To have that companion that is always there

The one that stays with no regret

The one that you rather cook breakfast for instead

A complete package

The real deal

So real when they aren't around your mind is on them still

A walk in the park is a fantasy

Date night becomes a delicacy

A hug you want to be smothered in

Loving the embrace because it's such a warm place

The words are nice to hear

Nice to know

But to actually feel them...the feel is like WHOA

Love feels like a completion

A compilation that is wealthy in worth

No matter the conversation, nothing feels rehearsed

Love can be too good

Put you in a bubble

It can get you into so trouble

Because with love nothing else matters

The outside world continues but it doesn't matter

You want to stay inside where it is comfortable

Food tastes better you can feel it feed your soul

Books read better the knowledge becomes so bold

Music never sounded so good

Everything is Everything





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