No Good Without the Bad

No possibility
In negativity
Can't honor the good, if there's no bad
Know the real smile cause you were there through the sad
Felt the heart cry then later enjoyed that laugh
Wiped away the tears from the eyes that fell
Hugged away the pains and shouldered the real
No makeup
No filter
And still called me beautiful
Listened through the untuned vocals
Mumbled the words right along with the awful solo
Grabbed the made-believe microphone
Making fun ending this song in a duo
Share stories from the past
Vowing to learn from and never go back
Telling advise should have had
Good taste delicious after a dose of bad
Without the bitter what is really sweeter?
Smelling the aroma after a sweaty run
Appreciation developed for the shower, the soap and then some
Good does not make amy sense if the bad is not apart of it
So good attracts bad
And bad is sexy as hell
They live equally with one another
Harmonic vica versa deal


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