I Ain't Bout That Life

I ain't bout that life
I was just trying to be your wife
Been doing this shit since way back in 2010
Thinking dayum this sh*t happening again

I ain't bout that life
I'm a lover not a fighter
I thought he saw that when he decided he would wife her

Supportive like no other
Now I must be a mother, not another mother fucker
A lover no being under cover
A passionate mother f*cker
But where do I fit in that life

I aint bout that life
Say it ain't so
The b*tches, the hoes
They will never let  n*gga go
N*ggas got to be willing to grow
Being in that life and about that life

I ain't bout that life
Just trying to live my life
Enjoy the finer things in the night life

I ain't bout that life
Bought a new ticket
To not repeat the same story, the history of life
This thing we so call life

Cruising down the by ways
Passing in the fly lane
Missing the things we used to do to enjoy in life

Passionate kisses the thung in me misses

I ain't bout that life

Jazziebella---New and Reinvented

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Anonymous said…
You need to proof-read before you post...

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