Saving you from you

As I promised a friend I would write this…

Saving you from you
Is a very hard task to do
Wiping the sweat from my brow
Pulling my sleeves up, in for the long haul now
You are something else
A real piece of work
Work of art…work of heart
Passionate whether right or wrong
Stubborn as hell
Hell can't hold you for long
Too much of something can be excessive
There can never be too much of you
You are essential
And I love you
You are a friend
A crazy friend
But a friend
A true friend
A real friend
A friend with issues
Issues like the rest of us
You don't hide yours, thats the difference
Job detailed only for the unmasked
Then you handed me my task
Saving you from you

06.12.2013© Email: Google+on


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