Goes on...

Things happen for whatever reasons
Some things are brought on by ourselves
And then there are others that we feel are out to destroy us
But life goes on
We go on

Tracks cross each so much, a maze appears
Amazed by what appears
True intentions
Lead by deceptions
The sun shines on dark places
Secrets revealed when we ain't watching
That's why God tell us, Child, have patience
Life goes on
So we must go on

Cars do not drive themselves
Mistakes don't happen on repeat
Blurry vision is the side affect of too many drinks
For this reason, I do not drink
I need to see what's coming for me
What's hidden in places they should not be
Alert on instant
Only when I need to be
Life goes on
Shouldn't we?

Going on is not always easy
Forgiveness does not happen in an eye blink
Sh*t stinks even when sh*t don't stink
Being real to self even when I'm being fake
Life does go on
Following life's lead

We as women get the bad end of the stick
More often than we like to admit
Patience is a virtue
That allot of us don't possess
With that being said you, my dear are still blessed.



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