Thought of you

Thought of you
Thought of it
Though of thinking

Do you want me here
Or the thought of me
Enjoying our time
Or the thought of it

When i am gone, am I missed
Or the thought of my presence give you bliss

I feel loved at least the thought of you
I want to involved or at least i thought I do

Admitting my feelings outside my mind
Saying it beyond myself, my true outlined
The thought of you is paralyzing
Face to face, rather be visualizing

You asked if I was inlove with you
or just the thought of you

Beyond a reasonable doubt
I can say i do

The thought of you
Shivers up my spine

The thought of you
When I am with you, I enjoy our time

The thought of you goes beyond
I want you here in the physical not in my mind

04.02.2012© Google+on


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