Test of Faith

My faith is tested everyday
Bite my tongue and try to walk away
When I want to lash out
Remember my manners and close my mouth
Events in domino effect
Testing me in every way
One hurdle to jump another
I am no track star, running this marathon
Doing what can be done to keep up
Shoe-string untied, Face hit the dirt
Knee gives out, and my heel broke
Tire goes flat, bank account kaput
One thing after another
Knee dusty from excessive praying
Palms sweaty
But faith is strong
Jesus said he would never leave me alone
I walk in the footsteps left infront of me
When I see none at all, I get a nervous feeling
Was told that is when it is me He holds
Keeping my beliefs in my conviction strong
Every day there is a test of faith
Never allowing my weakness to show face
Staying strong overall battles
Heaven is my prize, no trophy, no mantel

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