My apologies

My bad, didn’t mean to hurt your feelings
Been holding on too long, overdue had to break the sealings
This had to come out regardless of how I said it
That is what I felt and had to express sh*t
You did things that weren’t right you know
The fingers are at you, you wanna be emotional
Things can’t go back to the way they were
We both express ourselves, tables are turned
I am good, no seriously I meant that
Oh you want an apology, umm word, fact?
I’m not being revengeful, no worries, I’m not going to get you back
It’s a done deal
You the one going on still
My apologies are said only when I mean them
No sense in saying something without meaning
I don’t owe you NADA, zilch, zip
I apologize to me for putting up with this foolishness
I apologize for what I put myself through
I apologize for the minimum I accepted, overdue
I apologize for deceiving myself
Keeping crap bottled in regardless of how I felt
I apologize for the tears I cried
I apologize for the goodness in life that passed me by
I apologize for accepting repeated pain
I apologize for going off on you, I’m ashamed
I gave you that much power to endower
Inhaling my pride, my pride I swallow
Swallow and weep
Weep because I am the one to blame
Blame my struggle
Struggle cause of my choices
Choices I chose
Chose to go down this road
Road of chaos
Chaos of a life
Life that has been forever altered
Altered now I need to apologize
Apologize for the  restrictions, demands, neglect
I apologize to you and me, cause and effect


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