Soul Searching

Soul Searching
Taking a hard look at me
From childhood to adulthood
Fun and young vivacious carefree
Using jobs as stepping stones
Hurdles, long jump, throwing discs
The Olympics of Life, what part of the game is this?
Happy with majority of the outcomes so far
Wrinkled paths cause of my footsteps, next time I’ll take the car
Circles I often ran in
Exhausted from my own head spins
Going somewhere to nowhere then the back agains
Same obstacles till I got them right
On the straight tour now, first class flight
Often being silent
Those who know me can’t stand it
I need to reanalyze my thoughts
Reorganize my game plan so no strikes, sellouts, or out-boughts
If searching my soul is needed momentarily
That is what I will just do
Soul Searching is for me, not for you
I have to face my life at the end
Stand tall and proud cause I was only given this one life to live
Usher/TI sings it best, “My life your entertain
You watch it while I live it”
Made it to another major hump in my road
Driving with caution over this bump, REAL sloowww
Enjoying me in this time
Am I promised tomorrow, only HE knows

*Ode to my 30th!!!


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