Dirty Santa

Christmas eve and the house is quiet Daddie playing Santa without the outfit Mommie getting her night ready for an early present Tisk, tisk, tisk~haven't had my drink yet Ate all those cookies with no milk Don't want honey on dry lips Sipping eggnog feeling quite nice Checked my list, I checked it twice You've been naughty but time to play nice Sit on my lap and tell me what you want for Christmas Whisper the details real slow so I can check my list Tis the season for giving Being merry, toasted and cheering Better to give than to receive Giving to you now give to me, gimme, Gimme Adding you to next years' list double time Looking forward to good ol' times five times five Merry Christmas you jingle Bell Thank your request, hope it pleased you well Joya 12.24.2011 www.SoulFuleyez.com©


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