My Dilemma
I call you friend
Acceptation into my world I gave you
Want nothing but the best in your globe
Watching you head back down the path you once were the conqueror
Do I suppose to sit and watch and say nothing?
Known to speak my mind and follow my words with my heart
But my heart will not allow me to say what you need to hear
Disappointment seems to know you too well
Not wanting to say listen to more bad news I need to tell
You just want happiness
Plain and simple
So should I watch your happiness be later gloom?
Consuming the jovial space and filling with told you so room
I wont do that no more
I cant be the suppression and the neither nor
I want to see you smile finally
Hear it in your voice immensely
You follow your heart
And listen with emotions
Watching you give your all
And reception of nothings
Wanting you to tuck those feelings away
But that wouldn’t be you
Only for me to listen not for me to say
My dilemma
Don’t know what to do but be quiet
Actions are locked and I wear a smile riot
Offer a hug if needed
Shoulder always extended
Quandary on my mind
Being a friend to a friend, bind or no bind
But being quiet this time.



Anonymous said…
i have been through the same situation and you dont want to seem like you are judging them. Great site, thanks for your point of view. sometimes people dont know how to say things, and you say it for us.

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