I am The Perfect Storm

Many miracles & disasters 

Calorific Blast

Realizing how underestimated I’ve become
Understanding I’m supported more by strangers than those    
     that I’ve met along my journey

To the felt hatred, I will not succumb
I’m worthy! You will see... Then... Then... then do not be one   
     of those — “I’ve been a fan... way back early đź‘€ 

Laughing out Loud seriously 
You been a Lurker proudly
I see you seeing me
Knowing that I’m a force to be reckoned with
You’ve become a fan silently
Never allowing myself to be submissively dismissed

I am the writer
I am the artist
I am the designer
I am the innovator 
I am the business
I am Me, the Onliest Me I choose to be

I am The Perfect Storm 

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