I Want To Live #IWTL

I have always preferred history; however, when I write 

Most of my stories are based on facts…shall I say “real life.

Real life with a twist of fiction…

The what if

The maybe this could happen differently

This post like others I have made in the post

Is based what you would think a horror film

A wild thought of my imagination

I ate too much before I went to sleep and the nightmare

Is the concoction of my wildest fears manifested into reality

With Mother’s Day a few days away

Fear is trying to consume my soul

Captivate my mind in a way that I hold my children close

Closer than what I was held

Maybe because my family didn’t have those fears

No fear allowed us to explore and live on the edge

Edge of greatness spiked my knowledge and experiences


Of my Great Grandparents and a little of my Grandparents

Skipped my Parents’ generation to attack mine

Pledge on full war

No armor

No warning

No justice

And we haven’t had peace in years

Peace helps you sleep at night

Peace allows you to not know what anxiety feels like

Peace is pure happiness to watch your children grow

Peace is waiting on them to get license and explore

Peace is knowing the Life you gave birth to will do wonderful things

Peace is knowing that violence is only in shows

Peace is growing old and sharing all life experiences

With Mother’s Day a few days away

Fear is what is shakes my heart

Every time I turn on the news or tune into social media 

Another person that looks like me or my child


No not of natural causes if you must ask

Because of the hatred that fills the heart of cowards

Cowards that claim to be normal people

I am normal people

I hate no one

I look forward to harming no one

So if they are normal, I choose not to be

I made my promises when I was a child to grow up to be somebody

I made my life choices and did everything I set to be

All has not manifested as of yet

But I know in the works

Those whom I work with made the same vow

Those I choose to live amongst worked hard to live where we live

But why are your nightmares different than mine

Could it be that my nightmares are someone who looks like me actual reality!!

You judge and don’t want to be judged

You make comments and do actions 

You believe you had great intentions

You lock your doors as if you are being threatened

You accuse because you were the one who wronged 

You don’t want to be accountable for your own actions

You do everything without thinking

You make assumptions that all are the same

You ask for forgiveness

You what you feel most in your heart 

You claim it is all a lie

We see you

You refuse to see us

We know what you have done

You refuse to do right by us

We hear the things you say

You make us #hashtags

We are more than #hashtags

You silence us

We refuse to be silenced

I am human

Doing the same things in life that you are doing

Becoming successful and manifesting more success

Don't take away from me what you did not GIVE ME

I eat - I want to live

I have a phone - I want to live

I believe in the second amendment  - I want to live

I drive - I want to live

I walk - I want to live

I jog - I want to live

I buy - I want to live

I look - I want to live

I own  - I want to live

I drink - I want to live

I smoke - I want to live

I breathe - I want to live

I parent  - I want to live

I am parented - I want to live





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