Black N Amerikkka

We call it murder

Out in these streets 

It’s all murder

Sitting home on the couch

It’s all murder

On the phone in the backyard 

It’s all murder

Skittles and Tea

It’s all murder

Driving while Black

It’s all murder

Car broke down

It’s all murder

Swerve the lane

It’s all murder

At the wrong neighbor asking for help

It’s all murder

Selling water and cigs

It’s all murder

Bird watching

Almost murder

Violence is never the answer

Shut that shit up

Tell that to the millions that look like me and my kin have been murdered

They say you didn’t follow directions 

I call it death by skin tone

They say we don’t see color

I call it a lie it’s all in your tone

You got your knee on my neck

I can’t breathe

If you can speak 

You breathing just fine

So then how did I die?

Why are these cities we built for free on fire

Because a blaze is the only thing you can understand 

Why can’t you just do what is right

Treat me like you want me to treat you… right?

With respect!

With dignity cause we too have pride

Don’t talk to me out the side of your neck

Cause you think your privilege is a shield

The only thing your privilege shields you from is the truth

The truth that you have hatred

The truth that you are ruthless

The truth that you mean to demean 

The truth that you teach your young to do the same

The truth that you don’t see me as you see someone that looks like you the same

The truth that you lie

You lie to hide what’s inside

You lie to hide your intentions 

You lie to then apologize 

You’re apology is not accepted


Power is in the change 

Not the lies you tell

To make yourself feel better



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