You Claim (Re-Post)

You claim you miss me
But instead you dissed me
Dissed me when you had a chance to make it last

Dissed me because I was tired of playing your silly game
Now you miss me don’t want to see me with another

Another brother from another mother

Another to have my heart

Another to have a fresh start
Another to prove you don’t have to be 12 worlds apart

You claim you’d treat me like a prize jewel
A queen, fiend for me, can’t live without me

You claim you never leave

Never tuck your tail in between your knees

“Oh baby, I aim to please” was the last words you said to me
You claim you’d be the soul provider

The one who was kinder

The one better than the last better than the rest

Instead you end up proving what you claim not to be
But that aint phasing me

I am still the Beautiful Black Queen God made me to be

I still hold my head high and reach for the skies
I still walk with the sway in my thighs, keeping the brothers surprised.

Star aka Jazzie 06/20/2011© Email:


This is a re-post of the Lovely Author Star AKA Jazzie on June 20, 2011.
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