Reflection of Self - True to Self

My Friday thus far
What I come to recognize about myself
I am over-emotional and wrong at times
My perkiness is a blessing
If you blessed, you tend to be perky
Stressed I am quiet trying to figure out my way back to my happy place
Yet I am happy because I am me, again blessed.
My happiness cannot be faked, have you truly met me?
Freedom is the key to be happy
Free yourself, be happy
Looking back at my past for any reason other than reflection will turn my eyes and heart into a pillar of salt
I refuse!
I can be reckless at times but always in control
Responsibility is a joke but I am excessively responsible
Why fix certain problems when they can be avoided
Fixing is not always the solution, opens a path for more confusion
Change is great because staying the same is the way to boredom
Serious as I can be, I’m sincere LLS
You being way to clingy causing me static electricity
I refuse to look back; my steps guided by God to my future
I’m overly liberal in my beliefs

Just talk to me
So do you believe me when I say you control your destiny?
I move on from my issues, I give them to God-he got it so I can spend more time be happy
Bored and being hot, causes my attitudes and moods
Those are the only too things that irritate me and causes me to be rude
Stimulation begins and ends with an intended smile
I am able to finish what is important to me
They call me the Fixer, not the Finishery
Therefore, I finish what I want to fix!

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Anonymous said…
Reflect girl!

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