Lust Me

You all a ball of excitement
If I could have two without penalty I would
That sounds really cool
Yes I have more than enough to go around
Not that I’m over greedy
But it’s okay for me to be that at times
Lusting is loving and
Loving is lusting
Over what you like
You can’t get enough of it and always wanting more
Something I do that attracts you more
Keeping your attention
You want to know more
Wanting more
Needing more
Feel the passion
Live in it for a moment
Be indulged with no end in sight
Moments turn into minutes
Minutes into hours
Which hopefully turns into months then if we do it right-years
It could be you
Nice if it were you
If only it were you
Wish it was you
Love is just a word 
But lusting is an action
Actually let me lust you
While you love me
Does it matter the word long as we both are happily
Or Other
Pick one
Be one
Be both
Be them all
Just be…
Confirm your love
As I confirm my lust
Love on me
While I Love on you
Sorry lust on you I mean
Mean to lust on you without being sorry
Cause this way so perfect in theory
We don’t have to get the word trust involved
You can wrap my lust in trust
As I wrap your love in complete blindness
Cant see me for who I truly am
I’m Lustful, nice to meet ya
You are Loving, nice to meet ya
Long as when we meet
I am that drug you need
I am that drink you see
I am the snack that waters your mouth
I am the joke that makes you laugh
I am who you desire
Love me
As I lust you
Are both…happily…
Tis I truly mean when I say
I lust you,
Love me…

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