The Distance Between Us

The distance between us is on a larger scale
This is of one that breaks our deal
Cannot be compared to any locality
We in the same space suppose to be same reality
The drama of this time and space
And how you don't fill in the gaps
Allowing that opportunity will be one you regret
Trust me when I tell you how I am
Listen to me not if you choose
It's just your love life you will lose
The best friend you let take her love and move
Move on to whatever else was in her path
You will be amazed how many others want what you had
I won't call you by any childish names
I won't tell you you're foolish nor point the blame
All I will say is this
I hope you listen
You were given many chances
And you fail to love me and close the gap
You lost that hand that you have been dealt
Love is only as loyal as the lioness you sent on a hunt
She will always come back with your meal but maybe not with her heart.

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Anonymous said…
Attracted to the words

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