Inspire Us...

When I give you my all... All of me...I am giving you every ounce of love in my heart and soul!

When you don't do the same, I desire to retract. When you don't even make me feel inspired or attracted, I retract.
When you assume I know the words of your silent mouth... The thoughts of your unresponsive brain...the beat of your cold heart...I don't. 
I don't know your feelings or thoughts if you don't express them out loud for me to hear, know or feel.

And if you can't express appropriately, retraction will occur naturally and without warning!
If I retract completely... đź‘€
I'm Ghost!

Do what must be done for you to get what you want.
It's no Ying without the Yang. 
No waves without the moon.
No me for you and No you for me.
My heart has no space for an empty room.
Validate our significance...make us great.
Make us ... Us!



Anonymous said…
Feeling like this at the moment.

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