What more can I say

My head hurts.
The tears stream.
Who really care is the question in my head, on my mind, in heart.
While some pretend nothing is going on
It continues
The day peace is still, is what I seek
That day is not today
Those same "some" portray no humility
No humiliation
No actions. No words. But they shop and pretend or appear happy for holidays, while the rest remain in fear
How about that?

I am not a color. I am not a crayon.
Do not put me in a box.
Stop with the classification to make yourself feel better.
How are you raising your children...to be pretenders like yourself?
Are teaching them what's going on in the world is wrong and they are the change?
Or will these problems of today be the problems of not a yesterday but tomorrow.

We are here together. We need each other.
The moment you find yourself in a runt, do the tone of my skin matter?
Will you decline the rescue because I don't look like you?
Will you slap away my hand to pull you up because your friends don't believe in my rights?
Will you accept your newly found fate because of your hate?
I will say that's on you.
If you can accept my help. My inventions. My labor. My mind. My money. My time. My ability. My rescue. 
Then why can't you accept me?
I am a human like you, an American like you?
An answer please!



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