Been in my feelings all day
Trying to shake this overcast
But it ain't going nowhere
Holding back the sadness
Fighting it with strained smiles
Giving no eye contact
Limited conversation messiness
Don't want to talk about it
Cause then I'm forced to face facts
This real life not the real world where I can say cut
I didn't sign a contract but I can't seem to find a way out
Burdens of my heart
Terrors of my own
Can't face my younger self in the mirror
I told you I would do better
Where am I...don't even know
Watching people steal my ideas
Run with them, make money off them
I give you the semi best of me
Cause you can't handle all of me
I know I'm too much
But I censor
Remember where I came from
That is not lady like
That is not what you suppose to do
Or suppose to say
Not how you suppose to act
You suppose to be happy when everything around you is wack
You know that
Or do you?
You act as if this is brand new
The line of every chapter starts the same
The conclusion tries to change
If there was a swing, I'll swing on it
If there was a possible of climbing a ladder, I'll climb it
If there was a company, I'll own it
If there was a chance to be notice, I'll win at it
If there was a there was, that there was would be there was
Think about it
I have and I'm tired of it
Don't place me the back burner
I will set everything on Fire
Cant control my desire.

#priorities #soulfuleyez


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