Change my nail color and design
Ignore this incoming call or naw
Knowing I’m in a relaxing and good mood
Knowing the caller is mastering the next feud
I am in public…oh hell
So Imma send them to voicemail
Next call, flip on the silence
My excuse I didn’t hear the phone
Call them when I am alone

Hello… I know you are ignoring my call
It’s okay, I am just going to call you again
I know I have been talking about this for days
Maybe months
I know I am causing confusion and such
But I just want to say it one more time
This time won’t be my last, I want to whine
I want to keep fussing about something I don t even remember
I want to hear myself talk about stuff you care nothing about
I am lonely cause my nastiness pushes everyone away
I tried to change but I just changed back again
I can’t help it so I say
But I am ending this message with have a blessed day

You have 3 new voicemails
Message 1----DELETE
Message 2---Hello…DELETE
Message 3---Don’t you delete this message because it is important.  I just call to say I know you are ignoring my calls… DELETE
Misunderstandings…don’t think so?
Consistent on keeping the drama
Either way I am not answering, maybe you will get the picture
Or at least I would think so…but you never don’t.
Just leave me a voicemail


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