Rejuvenated (A Rose)

Felt like a dying Rose
Watching my petals, color I loose
My stem drying, water couldn't save me
Drank till full, no retaining
The sun didn't faze me
The shade was the only pain free
Trying to dig my roots deeper
The ground released like the reaper
No tears to cry
Just dry
Holding my head down
So my face couldn't see no reflection
Heartbeat slowing to almost no sound
The wind blew couldn't even tell the direction
Wanting to be cared for
The Gardener did what he could but me wanting more
Ashamed at my neediness
Embarrassed by the mess
I am Rose that once cracked the cement
Barely can hold my head up feeling permanently bent
Refusing to give up
Call me selfish
Asking for one more chance
To live life to the fullest
To breathe in every breath
Embrace the breeze as it cross my path
To let the Sun know
Just how I'm thankful
Grow strong and beautiful
So to my Garderner, you know I did not fail 
It may take some time to get back to me completely

I appreciate the raindrops 

So my dry tears were not lonely

Determination is all I have to stop me
So that means no stopping me
I am a Rose grown through the hole
The cement did not refute my growth
Neither will the sickness I've known



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