Hunger Games

A movie sometimes will catch you off guard and you may even surprise yourself at the feelings you develop.  Hunger Games, the first movie was a reflection of how many of us feel.  Pawns in a game, most fail to recognize that we have been selected to play in.  As I write this, I am trying to choose my words kindly, not to abruptly blunt but to express a simple viewpoint with compassion and not misguided intentions.   Strong we stand, divided we fall.  I believe that is the concept of how we are thought to be, thought to act.  Allies, we must carefully choose but still being afraid of being stabbed in the back because the notion to trust not those of stand to your left or your right.  What is the motivation of the person standing to your left, what is the fear of the person standing to your right.  This is that drive that gives the ambition needed to survive even if the purpose is misunderstood.

The Sequel, a real tear jerker, emotional roller-coaster.  Cheering for all to survive but deeply understanding there is an evil present.  The evil knowing of its own evil kind and the good does not always recognize the good.  Crazy as such, taking a front row seat watching life unfold before you.  Trying to beat evil at its own game, chess not checkers.  Players being guided by an eagerness, animal instinct, drive.  A thought of going swimming again, or running through the fields not for your life but for a fresh breathe of air.  Those thoughts are taking into remorse knowing that others before you lost their lives for the same treasures that were not treasured.  Where does it the question is where does it begin...

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