Death to a Black Man in America

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The begging

Death is the cessation of all organism.  Death can also mean stopping the cultural gain of a race or religion.  The black man has for years had to compete against its fellow man on unequal terms here in the Americas.  Being stripped of their own natural heritage and made to be less than property.  One third of a person to be owned to be herded and kept like cattle. But to understand what death is to the black man in america you have to understand first the breakdown of the black family.  Seperated by light skinned as the house workers and darkskined as the outside workers causing the realization that the further from your color you are, the closer to human you might be able to be treated forever drawing a rift between the black family.  Notice that two black men today's society, they will pass each other and most will not speak.. It's usually a stare off with the eyes to see if I think I'm better than you but we can walk right pass another race and not even think twice about looking at them. It is the fear that the master on plantations had placed in him. Forever questioning, is he better than me can he pick more cotton so he can have the cabin with the heat tonight or a bath; is aims being lighter than me some how that make him better or closer to the entilement of being a full human.

The rape of our women and wives has made the black man fear himself from the helplessness that nothing could be done but on the same realization hating the black women for bearing children not of his own.  Forever causing a rift in the black family and ultimatley leading to the culmination of death to the black man in america.



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