The day you

The day I met you, I was I know I would be forever safe
You raised me from birth in love
Taught me right from wrong
Made me laugh when I didn't want to
Showed me hard work and told me not to stray from it
Told me that I was my name, embrace all of me
And I did as I was told. I did.
Surrounded me with family
Adversity. Wealth. Lessons. Life
Told me have a back bone and never take care of no man
Allow the man to be my equal and take care of each other
Make him respect and earn my love. 
Education comes first. Career and family co-exist.
Then you left me, 
God needed you more. 
But the pain of you not there still ails me
I miss your prescene but I honor your memories

The day you help to create me
That's all I can say
Thank you for life
And that's about it
You made me strong
Because you weren't there
The lessons you taught, you taught me well
Never find a man anything like you
And to know looks or only skin deep
But personality is what carries me
My brain and manners will take me far
You made me read through those lines
The ones you never drew
I asked one thing of you
You didn't come through
You left me.
But don't know where you are.
God accept those with faults
Long as you gave him the keys to the vault
Did you...did you?
Once, You saw a picture of my son
And claimed him as your blood
At least he got that much
The blood may be in his veins, but you mannerisms never will be

The day I met you, you were so worrisome
You worried yourself right into my heart
You got on my last nerve
And when you wasn't around, wondered where you were
You asked for my hand in marriage after years of us
Then you gave me the greatest gift of all...our Son
We started from the bottom 
And on our way to the top
The top of our mountain
The one built on our foundation
We go hard for each other
We walk beside each other
We love with no condition
You are strong and allow me to be strong
You allow me to have my wrongs
While you have yours
And we love our rights so much more
You stand with me
To this day
And forever more

The day my Blessing looked at me
So small and precious I received
Inlove with you was not strong enough
Thank God every day for you, my Son
From day one, you tired to talk to me
Now you talk to me
Never forgetting the day, you actually called me Mommie
I have so many dreams about your life
And all you will accomplish
But I let you make your choices
You will not disappoint me
We are so close, my little best friend
I love you with all of me

To the men in my life 
Giving me my experiences 
I thank God for each and every one of them



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