Real Love

What is real love
Is the feeling you get when a person is not in your sight
To reappear and all you can do is smile
What is good love
It is that sensation that completely takes over
Your actions are uncontrollable
What is deep love
You wake to need that person
Just to see that person
Feel the presence of that person
You search for whatever that puts your mind on that person
What is unconditional love
You let them know that you didn't appreciate the business unfinished and there will be consequence
You love with doubt, love with toughness and then hug it out
What is strong love
That loves that keeps you in from work
Tell your friends you made other plans
What is that unforgettable love
Memories that you consistently relive
Not to relive but to never forget
What is goodbye love
Love you have to let go
For everyone own good
What is funny love
Sharing jokes, only you laugh about
Laugh so hard
Happiness is overheard
What is love love
It takes away your breathe
And gives you a refreshed breathe
The breathe that makes your heart live and bleed and beat and beat



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