I am Different

Commending the protection of a loved one is astounding; however, society has placed a negative aspect on anyone bigger than a size 5. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, colors and hues, hair types and personalities.  Regardless of being with child,  after child birth, or never have been pregnant...We as woman are all different.  Our bodies form differently. We grow differently. Our mechanisms work differently. Our shapes are different and cannot always be defined. We should never be judged by an hour glass, or a shape, or bottle, or anything or anyone else, we are who we are and regardless and deserve love and respect. If you are healthy with, or without child allow no one to strip your dignity or pride of your figure. It's yours and unlike any other. Maya Angelou's phenomenal woman should be near every woman's mirror!!!  If you have never read it, please educate yourself and take pride in your mold. Men stop basing a woman off her size and shape. Women stop degrading other women because of your own secret inperfections. I have mine and I know you have yours, unlike others I was taught to be proud of them because they are what make Me different.



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