This word does not fit my demeanor
Do not address me as such
My government fits me just fine
If you don’t know that, ask a question
Nothing about who I am represents a B
I am not that and that is not me
I have morals I stand by
I respect myself when your dignity walks by
Slippage of the lip cause chaos
Women proud of the name, claim to be Boss
B does not stand for Boss
It represents a soul that has been lost
One that needs to find her way
Her needing to be called by her own name
Your actions cause reactions
Cause and effect type of situations
Would you call your mother and grandmother by that name
Then do not address me by that name
If you would feel disrespected if you were called the same
Then think first
Use another word

Comments arise
Why take offense
My Offense has been taken now you get over it
Don’t call me something you would not call your daughter
If you don’t have one, imagine a man calling your daughter, B
B not for Beautiful
B not for Brave
B not for Boisterous
B not for Bountiful
B not for Becoming
B not for Blushing
And b not for Boss
Being a Boss does not give anyone right to call me a name I will not answer to anyway.


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