AM Phone Call

Is the only thought
Ears not really listening,  brain fart
It is that one word that triggers your consciousness
Eyes pop open, sitting up instantaneous
Whats going?
Are you okay?
Slow down...
Okay, calm down....
Okay start from the beginning...
Where are you...
So many directions, your mind cannot focus
Dont want to leave your bed, your comfort
Fear has you wide awoke
Oh My Goodness,  I gotta hurry up
Speed on a milli
Not thinking about traffic laws,
Telling yourself they just gonna have to follow me
No ticket writers in sight
Knowing the speed you doing, gonna go to jail tonight
Thats the least of your problem
Gotta get to your AM phone call and help them
Picturing the sight cause you are a visualist
Laughing to keep from crying due to nervousness
What am I getting into?
What do I suppose to do?
You asked a thousand questions
Answered none cause you asked another question
Time is taking forever to get to where you trying to be
Damn, lets get this car going still trying to hurry
Finally destination in sight
Car not even in park,
Leg out the door,
Seat belt choking tight
Rushing to be a rescue
What am I wearing
Who cares, not my purpose
To be continued...


Anonymous said…
just going to leave us hanging?
Have to tune in for the conclusion…. :-)

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