Stepping Stones

The words expressed in this work of art were inspired by a very good friend. Through Her struggles and pains, she still managed to encourage me to seek after my dreams, what I truly gives me joy and the life I am eagerly going to have. I say to you, Thank you! No need to re invent the wheel One step, one choice to make, live One consequence Which is enough for one day Live for today You already know tomorrow is not promised So just take it One day at a time Be stressfree, learn to clear your mind Enjoy the moment you are in Once it's gone, it is gone Occupy your time with the things you love Enjoy and hold the omes you adore No day will ever be perfect But live Another reason why you should Take one day at a time Step on one stone, gain a memory Build a legacy that will follow you Leave the stone for someone else to learn from If they struggle, grab their hand, pull them up Every stone will not be round, or square or whole The next may be broken and steady crumbling Learn to hold on Wait for God to put down the next stone dont rush him It will be worth your previous pain Joya 02.13.2013© Google+on


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