born to a father that was absent
a mother that was too close to adolescent
raised with much discipline, love my grandparents
head of my life-God my unmovable rock
faith keeping me humble, take everything away, that’s all I really got
determined my whole life to be myself
do what I wanted to do & become me for me, nobody else
sometimes I am not understood
fine with that, most wouldn’t take the time if they could
i may not have much in the eyes of others
what I have, is Mine! To me that’s all that matters
things always come in time
i rush to get disappointed
anxiousness haunted
never when I feel time is right
only thing I have no control over no matter my fight
my wealth may not be the riches of the world
the riches of my struggles prove my endurance
experience after experience
familiarity no one can take away
give credit to the few on my side
regardless if I stay motionless or live out my dreams,
i can say I am self-made



Anonymous said…
Not pain but sounding of rejoicement that you are unchanged.

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