Parallel Meanings

Parallel Meanings
Illuminations of many different spectrums
Believing in the mythology of opposite’s continuum
Positives attracted negatives, negatives add to hallucinogens
Shaking off the feeling,
Fighting the desire,
Mind must be cleansed
Traveling north searching sovereignty
Sun rises in the east, showing face at the closing stages westbound
Keen to obscurities and managing to overcome them
Looking for peace, wars beseech insight, turned away then can’t find him
Motivation encouraged by spiritual nutrients
Pockets filled with monetary evil deviants
Necessary for survival cause bread don’t appear out of thin air
Bread feeds the body but not a place for the body to live in
Bread will give opportunities to build homes dreams are made of
Walls built high to keep intruders out but they want in
Want in so much they will tear down any guardians
Gates set bounds of property
Not everyone is blessed with opportunity
Twist in fate
Don’t want what they own, they want what you earned

07.18.2012© Google+on


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