SPRING, Last Bloom

Look to your left
Making a good guess
Look to your right
Looking inside
Few and far in-between
Personalities like me
Grounded and humble
Comical and struggled
Bright and over-shadowed
Sharp, a good package deal, bundled

Raised from the Cements and Concrete
Cultured by the forestry
Nourished by the greenery
Exquisiteness attached itself to me
Emergent in nature
Creatures similar to & those of variation
Engraved in me, my beauty

Season Springs
Time to bud tings
Blossoms blossom
Work of art, chiseled
Delicate enhanced, wind pass me by, whistled

Name me, Claim me
Take me Home
Place me with my friends and Family
A vase of our own
We stand tall momentarily
Till we realize we are out of our element
Ingredient to attribute a room
Petals falling off way to soon

Let me grow in the wild
Where my beauty can last a minute past
Spring, last bloom of the season
Big, Bold, Bright
Missing petals, No petals



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